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Hello.  I am selling what appears to be an 1800's looking iron, wood, and leather child's or decorative tricycle.

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It might be used on a farmers porch, in a bike shop, for a Hollywood prop, for historical or family reasons, or for a decoration in a period restaurant.  It also could be ridden.  Note: Missing left pedal. 

One might be able to definitively date the item as it appears some kind of plumbing foundry work might have been used for the rear axle holders.   Could you carbon date the leather or wood.

I understand there are replicas and duplications out there but there is something about the rust in the metal (The patina and chunkiness and sweeping curve bike mustache design as well as wagon wheel wood inside of metal design tells me its real)

Let me know what your auction house might get for it?  Make me an offer for this one-of-a-kind item.